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Amber Collar

Amber Collar

Amber Collars are used as an extra preventative not a stand alone product but can help:

  • Repel ticks and fleas
  • Chemical free
  • Long lasting (One to two years depending)
  • Made of genuine Baltic Amber
  • Amber collar has a dual action in treating ticks and fleas. Extremely popular in Europe, this sturdy, 100% authentic Baltic amber collar.


How to measure: The sizes go up in 5cm increments, measure as you would for a normal collar putting two fingers underneath easily.


  • There are knots tied between each stone. In the unfortunate event the collar breaka the stones will not scatter everywhere .

  • Put the collar in the sun for a few hours as often as possible to recharge the amber.


Please note - This collar should not be used as a control device, do not attach a lead to it , even though it is very strong we cannot guarantee it's safety if used with a lead. 

Amber stones contain natural essential oils called terpenes - the resinous smell of the amber.
It derives from the friction of the amber with the pets fur . The smell of the terpenes makes ticks feel uncomfortable.
By the way, ticks can smell! They do not have a nose like ours but they do have a so-called Haller-organ located on its front legs. This organ helps the tick to perceive the smell of a potential victim.

PriceFrom £18.95
VAT Included
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