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Dermadog Hush Spray

Dermadog Hush Spray

Hush is a comforting spray to calm anxious dogs and panicky pooches, made with 100% pure essential oils of Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Lavender and Valerian, well known for their abilty to calm nerves and ease stress and tension.


Another must-have for the dog care cabinet, Hush Calming Spray can be used in a multitude of ways:


  • Sprayed on pet bedding, bandana or blanket.

  • Sprayed on your fingers and gently rubbed on under chin or top of chest (avoid all mucous membranes).

  • Sprayed on your trouser leg and bring your dog to heel when out and about.



  • Introduce the spray in a positive setting, initially.

  • Effective when used as part of training.

  • Best not to spray directly on your dog, which may make your dog feel more anxious.

Roman Chamomile Relief from stress and anxiety, nausea, indigestion.
Clary Sage Calming, stress-relieving, antidepressant.
Valerian Improves sleep, promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.
Lavender Gently soothing and calms anxiety.
VAT Included
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