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Dogs First Propythium Oil | 50ml
  • Dogs First Propythium Oil | 50ml

    The key, patented component of this product is a harmless little microscopic algae called Pythium oligandum. It normally lives in the soil where it works via mycoparasitism, consuming other fungi and yeast for survival. It also has an antibacterial effect in the area while it is present. Once it has eaten all the fungi/yeast present it encapsulates and returns to the earth where it came from.


    Useful for: all topical fungal or yeast infections of dogs, cats and horses, including yeasty skin, feet and ears. Suitable for dry, sensitive, chapped or eczema-prone skin. Also suitable for those suffering atopic skin conditions or allergies.

    How to use Propythium Oil:

    • Directly on affected area: Shake bottle well. Dampen affected areas with lukewarm water (34°C). Gently apply oil with pads provided. Leave for 10 mins. Remove excess gently. Reapply as needed.
    • Bath: Shake bottle well. Add 1 tsp oil to 1 litre of lukewarm water (34°C), stir. Wash dog. After bath, allow skin/coat to air dry. Repeat as needed.
    VAT Included
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