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Hedgerow Hounds Digest & Rest 200g

Hedgerow Hounds Digest & Rest 200g

Digest & Rest from Hedgerow Hounds is a gentle and soothing blend to help provide comfort to dogs suffering from sensitive tummies, mild intestinal upset, reflux, hunger nausea and to offer additional support to the gut.


Ideal to use when transitioning from one type of diet to another or at times of stress and excitement which are accompanied by loose stools.


Created with the help of a Holistic Vet to bring you the best that nature has to offer.


Only the finest ingredients are used in Hedgerow Hounds products. No chemical additives or preservatives. Ingredients in Digest & Rest include:  Marshmallow root, Chamomile, Plantain, *Slippery Elm, Ground Fennel seeds, Chicory root powder and psyllium husks.

*The Slippery Elm Bark Powder comes from trees that have been harvested in the traditional way by herbal experts. The trees used are from a sustainable source and either scheduled to be cut down or grown specifically to be harvested for their bark.


Easy to use, this blend can be stirred into raw, moist or cooked meals or alternatively ass a small amount of water, kefir, natural live yoghurt, bone broth, or raw/ scrambled egg.

It is recommended that you avoid giving this supplement at the same time as any medication. Try and leave a gap of approximately 2 hours after feeding this blend before medication is administered. This is due to the mucilage effect of marshmallow root which can affect the absorption of some drugs.



Please refer for bag for details. This blend can be added to food or made into a paste with water, kefir, natural live yoghurt, bone broth, or scrambled egg.

Suggested use:

  • Small dogs (under 15kg) half a teaspoon daily
  • Medium dogs (16-35kg) one level teaspoon daily
  • Large dogs (40+kg) one heaped teaspoon daily

To store, please reseal bag and store out of direct sunlight.

If your dog is pregnant, on medication or under 10 weeks of age, check with your vet before use.

This is a complimentary feed supplement and shouldn't be used instead of seeking advice from a vet. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use.

* Not suitable for Cats.*

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