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Kanex for dogs 300g

Kanex for dogs 300g

Kanex contains a sustainably harvested red Irish seaweed Palmaria palmata and ground EU organic Pumpkin seeds. 

Traditionally Palmaria palmata (Dulse), a red Irish seaweed, has been used as an anti-helminthic, due to the high levels of kainic acid it contains and studies* show pumpkin seeds are also an effective anti-helminthic, often proving to be as effective as Panacur (contains Fenbendazole), the most common chemical anti-helminthic used in pets.


  • Contains kainic acid and cucurbitacin, two natural compounds with potent anti-helminthic compounds (Helminths are worm-like parasites)
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants


Start with a small amount and increase to the recommended amount.


Please note: Not recommended for animals undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism.


Kanex is not intended for use against lungworms.

Each tub contains a 2g scoop for easy measurment

  • Small Dogs >10kg - 1/2 scoop
  • Medium Dogs 10-20kg- 3/4 Scoop
  • Large Dogs +20kg - 1 scoop
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